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      Aluminum grating from AIMI is swaged, in which the processing technology  is researched and developed by ourselves. Swaged Aluminum Grating is with less  weight, high intensity, no welding point, excellent corrosion resistance, low  power consumption and pretty competitive price. It could be used as aluminum  grate flooring, aluminum drainage grates, platform, walkway, floors, sunscreen louvers in kinds of areas, such as sewage  and waste water treatment plants, marine super structure application, off-shore  drilling rigs, seaport project, airport project, ocean project as well as civil  building.
      AIMI Swaged Aluminum Grating or swaged aluminum grate is light with no welding point and high  intensity.
      As a most common standard type, it is widely loved by customers. it  provides plain and serrated surface for your choice, in which serrated grating  is nonslip.
      Plain grating is combined with plain flat bars and square bars, swage them  together by  deforming the square bars to make the swaged aluminum grating  firmed. Serrated grating is combined with serrated flat bars and square bars  with the same processing. It’s heavy duty grating, widely used as flooring as  and windows, serrated grating is a good choice for non-slip environment. There  are plenty of types for bearing bars, like 20*3, 25*3, 25.4*4.76, 25*5,  31.75*4.76, 32*5, 40*5, 50*3, 50.8*4.76, 57*6, 63.5*4.76, 75*3, 100*3,  100*36.... And space for bear bars are 30/40/50/60, space for cross bars are  50/100/200..
      It could be made with an open end or banded end, in mill finish, clear  anodized surface or powder coated surface according to customers’ requirements.

      Serrated Bar Grating Types Available:
      Flat       surface grating with max length of 7500mm & max width 1200mm
      Serrated       surface grating with max length of 7500mm & max width 1200mm
      Other       sizes according to customers’ requirements

      Heavy Duty Grating Finishes available:
      Mill       Finish        
      Clear       Anodizing
      Powder       Coating

      Pain Grating Applications:
      Sun       shade       Building facade      Fencing                   Sunscreens
      Catwalk                  Walkway                Floor grates                       Platform
      Stair       tread      Truck grilles    Decorative grilles           Aluminum Drainage grates


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